Metal Mesh Safety Gear

Superior Protection for your Most Vital Assets!

Metal mesh safety products are 21 CFR approved for direct food contact and are the #1 choice among workers for knife hand safety. Metal mesh gloves are used in industry's such as textile cutting and sheet metal manufacturing, with the most popular end users in food processing.

Custom Protection Made in the U.S.A

US Mesh is the ONLY U.S.A manufacturer of metal mesh, personal protection, safety equipment. Developed by a team of experienced industry veterans who produced a line of highly customizable, top of the line, metal mesh safety products.

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US Mesh, A Division of Worldwide Protective Products, manufactures metal mesh safety gloves, sleeves aprons, and garments. Made from individually welded stainless steel rings. They are lightweight, strong, durable and easy to clean.

US Mesh Product Lines

Metal Mesh Gloves

1We have a full line of metal mesh gloves to protect your most vital assets. Our glove varieties include: wrist length, extended cuff, forearm length, spring cuff, silicone cuff, three finger & five finger gloves.metal_mesh_gloves 

Metal Mesh Sleeves

2Metal mesh sleeves provide complete arm protection to safeguard from accidental cuts or abrasions. Our sleeves are available in a variety of strap options, including all-metal straps and spring closures. metal_mesh_sleeves 

Metal Mesh Aprons

3Metal mesh aprons provide upper and lower body protection. Our aprons are made of stainless steel metal and available in flat front and split leg styles as well as a variety of lengths.


Metal Mesh Garments

4Metal mesh garments provide the ultimate in overall body protection. Our lightweight mesh reduces weight while retaining exceptional strength. Full body & 1/2 back tunics available. metal_mesh_garments